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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
We traded two seconds and Cortelessa for Marchese.
We traded Webermin for a 3rd and a 4th.

IIRC Erie kept Marchese's gold package, and Saginaw took on Webermin's. So it probably comes down to what we want to do with the education package. Given what WR paid in picks to get Bateman I don't think he'll look to trade him for picks because then the trades would be too easily comparable. He'll trade Bateman for a player and then snow job us on how good the incoming player is, his draft place and how he, like Bateman, needs a change of scenery/fresh start.

Where is Graeme Brown playing now? How is he looking. Should we move Bateman for picks or a forward I'd bring him up and play him half the games - split the rest of the season with Bowen. McNaughton offers nothing.
Brown is playing for LaSalle,he is signed and registered with the league,understand his play has been fine,adapting to a faster pace,he has good mobility,good shot,some snarl,would not be surprised if he gets a look during the holidays,if not sooner shoulf trades occur
Like I spoke about before if u want to move Bateman his edc package could be a problem in getting a deal done

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