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11-20-2012, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by BrickAHL View Post
I think EJ has a lot of potential offensively and defensively he will be better than Smith. In the end though, the Avs say no because we have enough prospects. What we need are some proven guys and that is what EJ is.
You're saying that Johnson has potential to improve offensive but that he "will be" better than Smith defensively. Umm... Couldn't Smith have potential to improve defensively and become better than Johnson defensively using the exact same logic you're using for Johnson offensively? So "will be" is probably a poor choice of words...

Now, it's tough to judge where a defender is at defensively based on minor league performances simply because the only real defensive stat you can go off is plus/minus (Which is incredibly flawed anyways) but you can get a decent idea of how guys are gonna be offensively. Out of the Big Four that came from Wisconsin (McDonagh/Smith/Schultz/Gardiner) the only guy with better offensive stats than Smith was Schultz. (Who's looking like he's gonna be an offensive giant in the NHL) Needless to say, all are gonna turn into damn good NHL defenders.

What I will say is that while watching Smith during his NHL stint, he did make some errors, but it's impossible to say if he's developing well or not simply because as I said, it's tough to judge where the defensive skill is at. What I will say is his physical presence is almost as good as his skating.

And it's completely fair to say no because you don't need prospects, but to say you're getting the shaft in the deal is false. Even if at the end of their careers Johnson is better than Smith, adding a guy with top line potential to that is foolish.

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