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11-20-2012, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
Look at those proposals again.

The players' share goes DOWN every season. The numbers you're quoting are based on the assumption that revenues will increase from season-to-season... Which is a fair assumption, no? Even the league's proposal isn't a request for a standard dollar amount to the players. It's a share as well, that would increase with league revenues JUST like the PA proposal.

If it's not aggressive enough for you (which may be fair), then why? What about the numbers don't work?
I wonder if the owners are worried that other costs might go up or stay constant and maybe revenues wont grow...

Locking in fot 10 years to a deal that barely bare minimumm is good enough might seem like bad business. specially if the players arent even offering 50 50.

Remember their best proposal so far says they want all promised money and want the extra out of the owners share. even at 50 50 the owners will only get around an exta 200 million at current revenue per season. if for some reason revue dropped 400 mill then this windfall would evaporate

Players would still split 1.9 bill even with a 400 million loss of rev

A 50/50 split will help owners alot but it wont make them filthy rich. it might not even get them out ofred. meanwhile a 50/50 split still gives the players over2 mill Average salary... But again a true 50/50 hasnt been offered yet by the players

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