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11-20-2012, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
I understand their frustrations, but keep things in perspective.

Brad Richards has clout. His words mean something. He's keeping himself busy helping people out in Rockaway. Versteeg? He is the exception and not the rule. I'm going to guess most of these guys just want to play because they know they'll make their money no matter who the commissioner is. Trying to blame the commissioner for this mess is like a butcher blaming God for Raccoons raiding his dumpster every night.

I mean, what do the players think, that there's a ebtter option than Bettman?

The NFL players hate Goodell. MLB players want to put Bud Selig in an space pod and zap him into a nearby galaxy with no oxygen. Thinking the players of any sport like their commissioner is like thinking a high school pot dealer should like his principal.
Probably. They probably think there's a better option than Fehr too.

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