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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
One week, which is a nice change from two weeks. They put it on the agenda for Tue Nov 27.

It appears that Knaack is still the swing vote. She has supported the deal for the entire time so I don't see any reason to think that she would suddenly change course now that they reached the approval phase. I didn't see all of the meeting but the part I saw was the indication from four council members that they wanted to bring this to a vote. Frate also said something about sleeping on the matter but I doubt that either Frate or Knaack change their minds. But it's still Glendale so anything could happen.

If it goes as anticipated, the JIG lease will pass and then we can finally see who will put skin in the game and who has been bluffing. I'm looking forward to that part.
Isn't there a somewhat thorny "catch-22" here, CF?

The NHL will likely not finalize a sale to Jamison and his group until they know that the coast is clear in Glendale. At the very least, that Jamison and the NHL will need to see that there is no referendum planned, the legal coast is clear and the city council will carry through with the lease as negotiated and approved by the previous city council.

In the meantime, the lease cannot be signed until the NHL has completed a sale of the Coyotes to Jamison.

Either way, if the lease is approved on November 27 as I expect, there will be a considerable amount of time and plenty of drama before a sale is completed and the lease actually signed.

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