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Originally Posted by Samzilla View Post
So it's expected the council will vote to approve the lease and then what? Jamison will buy the Coyotes? It can't be that simple.
30 days delay for opponent to organize a signatures drive for a new referendum initiative since it a new lease and must be aproved by the Cog I don't see how they can dodge it. I bet the business owners who failied to win the Tax initiative will be chomping at the bit for a rematch.
Scenario 1 Referendum get enough signatures so lease can't get finalise until after the current CoG is gone. Lease get trash by the new CoG on Jan 1 or whenever they meet for the first time.
Scenario 1.5 Referendum does not get enough signatures.
Scenario 2 After the threat of a referendum is gone Jamison close the deal but GWI sue.
Scenario 2.5 After the threat of a referendum is gone Jamison close the deal but GWI does not sue.
Scenario 3 Jamison chicken out and walk away either before or after the threat of a referendum issue is settled for whatever reason he give publicly. Privatly he never had the money.
Scenario 4 The future CoG tell the interim city manager that if he sign that stupid lease in late December he better start cleaning his desk now. In fact the 30 days delay might be just enough for the new CoG to meet and reverse the decision anyway. Jamison better have his duck in a row because his window to close that deal if the referendum petition fail could be the four last days of December. If he get instructions from the future CoG I bet Skeete will be out town for the holliday.

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