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Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
any concessions or bathrooms in the 400s area? what about behind the new 200's? awesome pictures man.

what does the new 8th floor concourse look like? bigger?
Without a doubt bigger. Much like that of the 6th floor. There is at least one place for concessions in the 400s that I saw. Don't think there are bathrooms but could be wrong. Behind the 200s there are a few more concessions. Behind the last row of seats there are bolted barstool seats. So I guess that's the real last row.

The whole thing is seemingly still a construction site. I believe one of the towers is not close to ready and I believe they said they hope to have it on line for 12-12-12. Lots of the suites are not ready and are in the process of being built and having seats added. Certain parts of the 8th floor concourse do not have ceilings placed yet. Madison Club seats were awesome. For that money of course they'd better be. 24oz. beers are $10.25 for those interested. Not sure if that changed from last year. And weirdly, hot dogs are $6, but footlongs are $6.50. Hard to remember other prices.

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