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11-20-2012, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Let me get this straight, the city manager is against the deal, gramps Jamison's secret investors are still secret and some of these clowns including an ousted city councillor will vote for the deal.

The NHL must be very proud of themselves in allowing this to wallow for three years and then having these incompetents decide the city's financial future in a vote by a lame duck city council.
Gary and William's finest moment.

I am still not convinced that the NHL is not the "secret" investor. Is this lease transferable? With a large AMF and revenue sharing combined with no attempt to book any other events and shutter the doors during the summer this could be a break even deal. Good enough for the league. stranger things have happened.

Regardless won't the COG be surpsised when GJ is not the majority owner.

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