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11-21-2012, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
If you can sign Drew to a reasonable deal though, and use Peralta as part of a package for Upton is the upgrade in left field worth the slight reduction behind the plate in the short stop position?

Peraltas trade value is probably higher than you think as well after a good run to the world series and reasonable contract.
A couple things here:

1. The deal that is rumored for Drew is not reasonable. IMO with his history, a reasonable deal for Drew would be one year for less money than Peralta makes.

2. Peralta is not going to be a major piece in any Upton deal. Whether Peralta is involved or not, you're talking about Castellanos, Garcia, maybe Smyly, maybe more. Those are the valuable pieces, not a mediocre SS on a 1 year deal. Playoffs or not, Peralta is not a huge trade chip as he's coming off a lousy offensive year and plays mediocre defense.

2b. All that being said, Peralta is probably still better than Drew. Especially if Drew is going to get a 3 year $30 mil deal.

2c. I'm not sure Upton is worth trading for either. He has been very inconsistent and he's getting really expensive - there's a reason the DBacks are thinking of unloading him. Adding Drew and Upton and paying them $70 million over the next 3 years would be really, really poor management.

I'd much rather hang onto Castellanos and Garcia, trade Porcello and Peralta to the DBacks, give that dough to Sanchez, and then roll with a dirt-cheap all-glove buntmaster at SS. Or failing that, DD could give me half the money he's going to give Drew and Upton, we'll go out back, I'll kick him in the nuts, and we'll call it a day...

There's only one guy that might be available who would be worth emptying the farm, and that's Giancarlo Stanton. Wouldn't be the first time the Tigers took advantage of stupid Marlins management.

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