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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
my issue is two-fold:

1- if steroids work as you and others seem to think; that merely ingesting these drugs makes you stronger and thus a better baseball player, how does one explain the list of bad baseball players who have admitted to being on the gas? at the end of the day, talent is what matters. most professional athletes take supplements, anything to allow them to jump higher, run faster, etc. if they believe that steroids work as they think they do...they're going to do them.

i've linked to this website before, as have others, and it goes widely ignored. i just have a hard time believing that a player takes a drug and is magically transformed into an outstanding player. look at the names on the mitchell report, if you want to waste some time someday, or even look at the admitted users. tom house? paxton crawford? oh sure, sheffield admitted that he was using. gary sheffield was a great player. what did they do for jeremy giambi and shane monahan?

2- i have a hard time blaming the players for not only believing in the effects of steroids but also their willingness to take them. the average mlb career is about five years. let's say you're a borderline player as it is. you might make the league minimum, maybe a little more, let's say 700k for five years. that's before taxes, expenses, that's 2 million you have for you and your family to live the rest of your life with? or, you could take this pill and work out more and maybe make a million a year? 2 million a year? i think steroids have a bit of a placebo effect in both players and in fans. players are mostly stupid. they're sold on making more money for the reasons i just mentioned and would like to possibly turn that 700k x 5 years into 1m x 7 years (or more!) and see an opportunity. look at the guys busted this year: guillermo mota; freddy galvas; marlon byrd; melky cabrera; bartolo colon; yasmani grandal. a murderer's row! it's mota's second bust, as he's 39 and trying to stay in the league. galvas? .617 ops in 58 games. byrd? .488 ops in 47 games for two teams. grandal? small sample but he looks like he hit well. steroids in action?! he hit well on the road and not at home...i thought steroids made balls go farther (.392 slg at home).

my ultimate point is that fans and newspaper writers and bloggers, even players...we don't really know what's going on with these drugs. we know that players are forbidden from taking them. as i said above (and others in the thread before me) players are stupid. they cork bats. they slide into first base. they take drugs that have not shown a cumulative effect on their usage v. the player's abilities.

and apologies if my ramblings are a bit off, i have been drinking. fair warning.
That steroids-and-baseball page is one of the most biased, agenda-oriented pieces of tripe I've ever seen and would get laughed out of a first-year statistics class.

The jumps of logic, omissions and outright statistical manipulation to generate the results he wants are just embarassing.

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