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11-20-2012, 11:28 PM
Let it all burn.
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Again, it's just mind-boggling that AZ doesn't have a state law preventing exactly this sort of thing from happening when councils enter lame-duck periods in the months prior to an election and in the interim before the new council is seated. Hell, if you had a majority of council defeated, what's to stop them awarding themselves massive pay raises for the last month of their terms? Or giving themselves a million-dollar going-away party?

It's also insane to think that Jamison and the NHL and the Secret Investors would force themselves on a city that doesn't want them. In a month, a new regime will be in power with a majority of people that clearly want no part of this sham deal. How do Jamison and the Secret Investors move forward in partnership with the city in light of that unavoidable fact? Even if the agreement is signed, they've got to know just how incredibly ****ed up this entire business arrangement will be from day one. The new mayor will very likely take office and declare his first priority to be killing this deal before it bankrupts the city.

Man, this whole saga just gets crazier all the time.

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