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11-20-2012, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Doctor View Post
When I first saw the 'uneducated' comment I thought blues10 was slamming the citizens of Glendale, fortunately I decided to watch the link for I layed into him.

My analysis of the recent election suggests that the citizens are very informed of the issues. Prop 457 passed very handily suggesting there wasn't any confusion over that issue. Likewise Clark was easily defeated, and once again it says educated public about the issues.

The citizens of Glendale are educated about what is going on in their city. The only uneducated one is Joyce Clark herself.
You base your analysis on the outcome you wanted. I'm basing my comment on what I'm observing first hand.

I've seen a lot of complaints here locally regarding confusion over 457. After the election, one of the initiative's proponents even tried to blame the loss on the city clerk for confusing voters with the wording on the ballot.

This is not exclusive to Glendale though. It happens in all elections.

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