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Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
Three things:

1. Brad Marchand has scored one less goal and 13 less points in 48 LESS games than Wheeler did as a Bruin.

2. Brad Marchand was a key ingredient in the Bruins' Stanley Cup run. 11 goals, 19 points in 25 games. Compare that Wheeler's ONE goal and SIX points in 21.

3. Brad Marchand initiates contact and wins physical battles at a far greater rate than Wheeler ever did here. And that's despite the size difference.

There's a reason that Marchand is treated with more respect here than Wheeler was. He's a better hockey player.

Your strawman draft position BS doesn't fly. We like players who play well in Boston. We don't like players who play like losers.
I've read through this post four times and I have yet to see a single point in here that disagrees with me, or even has anything to do with the conversation to this point. If you want to argue that Marchand is a better hockey player than Wheeler, feel free to start that conversation. That's not the conversation any of the rest of us are having, but they do say talking to yourself is nice and theraputic.

Personally, I agree that in terms of skill, Marchand is a more complete hockey player. He has better hands and a better shot, and he brings a sense that he knows what he's trying to do on the ice that Wheeler never seemed to have. Largely because there's only so many ways that a guy like Brad Marchand can play NHL hockey. That said, I say again, if a 6'5" player tried to play the game the way Brad Marchand does, Boston fans would have none of it. And I note that you didn't even try to deny that.

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