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11-20-2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Zandar View Post
Did I miss the crazy train? When did Brendan Smith become the greatest defensemen of all time?

Sure he has some great scoring potential at the NHL level but even so far he has only been used in a limited and somewhat protected role when he was up last season. Until he fixes his reoccurring defensive lapses, you have another Quincey with better offense. Speaking of Quincey, lets not forget that Detroit went out and acquired Quincey and then added Colaiacovo in the offseason despite having an experienced AHL pro in Smith in their system. That puts Smith way down the pecking order despite considered a top prospect for Detroit. And before the whole "Detroit likes to bring their players along slowly in the minors" gets tossed around...that has not been the case lately as we have seen players like Justin, Darren, Valtteri, Jakub, etc. all becoming regulars for Detroit at around 22/23 years of age. Even Kronwall would have been a regular at that age if not for the previous lockout. Since the lockout, Detroit has had no choice but to find value UFA signings and to bring their youth in when they are ready rather than when Detroit is ready. So yes Smith is a talented player but he still has some things in his own end that need worked on before he is even ready for a more permanent and exposed role at the NHL level.
Not sure what you figured you were accomplishing by pointing out that guys come into Detroit's system at 22/23... Because by that number Smith is right on time...

But if you think he's lower in the pecking order than Colaiacovo, you're sorely misinformed.

Kronwall is obviously number one. Colo and Kindl will bounce around six and seven. Everything between is a toss-up.

Though if I had to guess, I'd put money on:

Kronwall - Quincey
Ericsson - Smith
White - Kindl/Colo

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