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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
It's hard to find support for this statement from MLB owners or those who dealt with him at the table. One recently cited article (which is now buried here in a thread about Fehr) says exactly the opposite, that he's a straight shooter and honest.

I know he's the devil incarnate now for Bettman's lockout (the third, but that's just a minor detail) on HFB, but I don't believe honesty is the issue. He's using what tactics he can to counter a very powerful foe, one that takes no quarter.
Sorry, but I was a huge baseball fan and expos fan and I remember watcing tv in April when Fehr said the players would play the full season under the expired contract. The only fact I know is that on August 12th 1994 Fehr played a large part in killing the Expos.

MLBPA did not get their way in court over the anti trust lawsuit that got rejected.

Fehr said they would play the full season and they didn't and most fans turned against bim.

Up to this point the owners were viewed as the evil ones--this moved changed it

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