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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
my issue is two-fold:

1- if steroids work as you and others seem to think; that merely ingesting these drugs makes you stronger and thus a better baseball player, how does one explain the list of bad baseball players who have admitted to being on the gas? at the end of the day, talent is what matters. most professional athletes take supplements, anything to allow them to jump higher, run faster, etc. if they believe that steroids work as they think they do...they're going to do them.
How bad would those bad players be if they hadn't taken the steroids? Yeah steroids don't automaticaly make you a great ball player but you dont think the increased endurance, muscle mass and increased healing toward force generating capabilities?
2- i have a hard time blaming the players for not only believing in the effects of steroids but also their willingness to take them. the average mlb career is about five years. i think steroids have a bit of a placebo effect in both players and in fans.
I have a very hard time believing these guys making millions of dollars and risking potential large suspensions dont get a little more informed on the subject. I'm sure there is a bit of a placebo effect but if you dont think increased muscle, endurance and reducing the general wear and tear of a long season dont impact the stats of players then I think youre reaching big time.

His power wasnt increased but his average climbed. Yeah he has to be a good hitter to hit well, but he also saw a huge increase. I'm sure it had nothing to do with that bat feeling much lighter and being able to get that thing swung around a lot quicker to battle the pitchers. In general, a player can use a bigger bat without feeling the impacts while on steroids.

This many guys making that amount of money dont take the risk of steroids without something helping them out other than a placebo effect...

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