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11-21-2012, 01:21 AM
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A few things:

1.) PEDs effect is widely overblown. These aren't magic pills or a cheat code on an XBOX. PEDs can't teach hand-eye coordination or pitch recognition. Those are skills that are developed by a player. Not only that, but if PEDs are half as effective as MLB and media claims, then there wouldn't be the number of crappy players who have used PEDs and have had little to no success.

Cabrera might be a case of him just developing. He's not old by any means. The guy's HR numbers may go down, but his ability to get on base should be fine.

2.) With regards to the rotation, I could see us doing something like:

Johnson-Buerhle-Morrow-Romero-Happ. I don't think it will be smart for us to break up 3 lefties going out in consecutive starts.

Marcum won't be back, I believe a few 'insiders' have said AA and the Jays management don't like his attitude.

At this point, an Edwin Jackson on a 3 year deal isn't a bad option, but overall I'm pretty good with the rotation as is.

Hutchinson would've been nice to have as an option, sucks about his injury, hopefully he can come back. Drabek on the other hand I'm not enthused about. 2nd TJ surgery and I honestly have the feeling his career is done. The amount of pitchers who have had a career after 2 is quite short.

3.) Gibbons was a fine hire. He's tactically sound, uses platoons, and keeps players focused and accountable.

The Bush one was unfortunate. No argument there. Hillenbrand was a cancer. I don't think anyone can say other wise. For him to write what he did was pathetic. Lilly's behavior was also terrible. His ego was out of control. He actually came around and said that he was good with Gibbons and he and some other vets were fine with how Gibbons treated them. Thomas was a financial move and rightfully so. $10M owed to a guy who couldn't hit jack. He called out Gibbons because he wanted his money, not because he was actually hitting well. He was a clown.

Gibbons is a good hire. He needs to be a little more laid back, but he holds guys accountable. Nothing like Farrell's laid back approach.

Not only that, but looking back at some rosters without context doesn't make sense. In 2005 for example his most valuable player was Zaun(3.3 WAR), yet he improved by a fair bit over the previous season.

Overall, managers don't have a huge positive impact on the game anyway. Unless your one of the few excellent managers (Joe Maddon), as long as you don't serve to be negative influence (Jim "2nd batter has to bunt and starters don't go over 75 pitches" Tracy or Ozzie Guillen), your fine.

Gibbons has the tactical capability, and the ability to manage people (egos, accountability etc etc.) to make it work. As long as he's not challenging anyone to duels, we should be fine.

This team is exciting.

<-- Credit goes to Joel Ward
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