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11-21-2012, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
I love how revisionist people are here. Ovechkin didn't bounce back to league dominating numbers last season and now there hasn't been a season thus far, but he's not tearing up the KHL, so he's totally past his prime and "it's been two years since he was good". That's not exactly how I remember it though. The way I remember it is he scored 85 points a season ago (maybe not dominating, but how many players are above that in ANY year, recently?) and was on pace for about 90 points but missed a few games that season. Correct me if I'm wrong. Last season, I think we can all agree was disappointing from Ovechkin, for any hockey fan looking to see his exciting brand of hockey, but I fail to see how a 90 point pace and better than point-per-game player the year before is really that bad? If Ovechkin is only a 90 point player for each of the next four years, will people say he's past his prime? Sure, it's not the 60 goals he scored as a kid fresh in the NHL, but can anyone argue the rest of his game hasn't evolved and he's not, at least, a MORE complete player than he was (not saying he's a complete player, just more so than he was). So far the only truly disappointing season on his resume was this past season. To me, his KHL stats are utterly meaningless.
You remember differently than I do. He played 79 games in 2010-11 when he scored those 85 points (32 goals). The year prior he scored 109 points in 72 games (and 50 goals). In 2008-09 he scored 110 in 79 games and 56 goals.

When talking about a particular player and whether they're in or out of their prime it doesn't matter one iota how they stack up against other players, unless a point about overall league scoring is trying to be made. The fact of the matter is that the guy once universally recognized as the #1 or #2 offensively dangerous player dropped production by 24 points from one season to the next (with massive drop in goal-scoring to boot).

Most rational people aren't saying he's a bad player now, and personally I'm going to give him a chance to redeem himself and get back to being a 40+ goal 90+ point player. However, recognizing when most players have their peak scoring years and noting that for this particular player that was a few years ago and furthermore since that time his production has dropped substantially...I feel comfortable saying that he is past his prime.

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