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11-21-2012, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Zandar View Post
Why would either of those players need to be paid more just to get above the cap floor? Detroit currently sits around 60 million. If the players tooks 1 million less and looked to be playing where you are expecting them to play at, Detroit would still be easily over the floor. Detroit expects these players to have specific roles with the team. Whether they are able to meet those expectations is another thing. As for the two current NHL superstars toiling in GR, let's give them some time at the NHL level before we start proclaiming them to be something bigger than they are projected to be.
Detroit still has to cut two players to make it under the roster limit. Once that's done you hover pretty close. It'd be pretty inconvenient if somebody was LTIR'ed or didn't come back from Euro-leagues. Regardless, as I said, just because somebody else is getting paid more than Smith doesn't mean he's getting a higher spot.

That'd be like saying Nyquist will only play half the season because Tootoo was signed during the offseason for $1.9M a season.

Considering Nyquist is playing better than his projection right now... Watched him in the NHL. Quite frankly was more impressed with him that I was with Smith. The only real knock on him was that he was so scrawny he was getting tossed around easily. I believe he put on something like 10-15 pounds during the offseason.

Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
You are going to be murdered by wings fans for trying to compare their prospects with Elliot and Sgarbossa...and I completely agree with them if they do.
You're right...

Originally Posted by avsman View Post
I completely recognize that they have more value, in my head i had a 1st with them, just typed 3rd for some reason, but I also feel EJ holds more value then Kronwall
Kronwall's the better defender IMO, but yeah, EJ has more value simply based off age.

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