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11-21-2012, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
Personally, I thought Glenn was above average in Hamilton.
...While I would generally agree he was solid if unspectacular in Hamilton, I still have my doubts Glenn would be willing to take a backup spot at this point, especially after leading Calgary to the Grey Cup. We'll see I guess.

Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post

I don't get it. This is what? The third time they've gotten a team now? Jesus, give another place a team. Like Halifax, they've been crying for one for years!

But then people actually try to justify this to feels like I'm taking crazy pills!
Sigh...and where would Halifax play exactly? Who exactly has been crying for one, when they do not have stadium to play in? Not to mention the very small population. The only place even close to viable in Moncton due their 10K expandable to 20K stadium and central location so they can draw from all around the Martimes (Halifax, Fredricton, Charlottetown, Quebec?, etc) all within a reasonable driving distance.

Of ALL freaking places you'd think people in Winnipeg would understand that circumstances change. I am unfamiliar with the circumstances of the first Ottawa move, but I can tell you the Renegades were not given ONE single chance thanks to those clowns that owned the team, the Gliebermans. They had a very solid fanbase in place but completely screwed everything up beyond belief. It went beyond bad teams, it was the alienation of the fanbase with stupid gimmicks, and other things like that. The stadium was so bad it had to be condemned shortly after the franchise folded. Not too mention that it was during some much much leaner times, during the same period TOR and HAM were purchased by the league to save them, this league could easily be OTT instead of HAM or TOR right now. Half aware management, rebuilt stadium and OTT will be a pretty fine franchise.


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