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11-21-2012, 02:56 AM
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I really don't know what to unlock.

I like Scorpions damage, but I can get like 4 kills with one clip using the PDW, the mag carries like 12-15 kills. The MP7 I can get when I first start so won't use it with that.

I use SMGs more than AR. Plus the mags are just too small. I don't get enough for me to use it unless the map is large and I need target finder + precision. The Scar works for that, so does type 25. Haven't tried the one that you get once you hit 55 though..

As for perks. I like to use flackjacket, hardline, dexterity, and toughness.

I'm not familiar with Ghost yet, only used that perk when when I'm level 1-4(before being able to customize my class.) The pre designed classes I go with operative.

I don't know if it's the scorpion, ghost, or scavenger within that class, but what ever it is that class works great with me. I'm going to try it out with the PDW, and if I get the same results then it has to be Ghost that's giving me such great results.

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