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Originally Posted by live playoff hockey View Post
for people that have messed around with class setups a bit, what do you think would be the best class to run with an smg in domination (including scorestreaks). Also a shotgun setup would be nice to see as i loved them in the previous games (spas, Olympia, model ect)

I would find it very interesting and useful to see what others did it terms of how they set up their class

right now I'm running
MSMC with a laser sight and fast mag
no secondary
flak jacket, fast hands, dexterity, ans tactical mask as my perks
1 combat axe and a shock charge
UAV-Hellstorm-Lightning Strike

no idea for shotguns
I use pdw with suppressor and quickdraw(i think, might be grip) flack jacket, hardline, dextrity, toughness, and that rpg that can only shoot down aircrafts.

scorestreaks : uav, care package, and guardian. I get these every game at least once a game.

And thanks for the tip Hawkeye never knew that.

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