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11-21-2012, 04:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
I never understand this opinion though. Because 1 day earlier, a writer (Bill Simmons) basically states almost the same thing and not receiving the same treatment. Simmons just does so much eloquently than Steeger but thats because Simmons is paid to do so. And really, how wrong is either of them? Its probably about time that Daly & Bettman do need to go and probably will after this lockout ends. I cant see how they keep their jobs when they've been in charge with 3 different work stoppages with different union management each time.

If you havent read it, its worth reading the article Simmons wrote called "Go Away, Gary" which was linked on ESPN's website.

Bettman and Daly won't be gone after the lockout ends. they work for the owners, and they are just doing what the owners want them to do. regardless of fan perception of the two, the owners opinions are the only relevant ones.

ignorant comments from Versteeg and/or Simmons won't change that. that article was terrible, btw, and completely biased.

the last lockout, while painful, was a rousing success for the league. league revenues doubled. hopefully this one has a similar outcome. bettman is a patronizing, condescending *****, but he's a smart businessman and he knows what he's doing. he's not going to get fired.

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