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11-21-2012, 04:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
In one game right now (as in a Game 7 scenario), I would tentatively agree with you... given Kaberle's established lack of commitment to offseason training, and that he's only ten games in to his 2012-2013 season, I'd be wary that his conditioning would be an issue.

But as a GM of an NHL team, it would be Weber hands down.

Kaberle, given his current level of play (going back 12-18months), is a bottom pairing pp specialist player. Factor in his contract and a salary cap system, and that makes him a player with very low value (see Spacek, J.).
Factor in his age, and there is really no reason why a GM would keep him over Y.Weber IF it came down to an "either/or" choice.

That we still have to pay for Kaberle and he brings equal or slightly greater immediate value to a team than Weber, then an owner with $$ on his mind might force a GM's hand...

but free of that, there is no reason I can see that a GM looking to build a consistently strong roster would hesitate for one second to jettison Kaberle (be it in a dump trade, or flat out buying him out) and keep Weber.

The gap, if there really is one today, is so small that the age/contract make it a no-brainer imo.
The only thing Weber has on Kaberle is that he's cheap, but this can be said of any ''low salary'' players.

Last year's ''bad Kaberle'' is probably what Weber can hope to achieve at the height of his career. Kaberle on a good day is infinitely better than Weber can ever hope to be. The consistently strong roster you are talking about would not have Weber in its lineup, not even as a 7th D.

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