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Decided to add a few things for context. When comparing players and stats, unless indicated otherwise, stats guys always look at even strength (or 5v5) alone. This levels the playing field more when analyzing or compairing players. Also, when compairing players, we usually only look at players who have played more than a certain amount of games. Players who play small samples allows luck to play a larger influence in their performance stats than skill does. When I look at "the best of ___ players" it usually only looks at those with 30 or more games played.

Now to help the learning I'll show how/why I use stats and give examples in the league, and one of each of the Jets forwards and defensemen. I tend to seperate stats in my mind into two pieces: usage and performance. Two players may be used similarly but perform differently due to different skill levels. Two players may have performed similarly but one was actually more skilled but had tougher usage.

Situation/usage stats.
I pretty much only use OZS% and RelQoC here.
OZS: Lower than 50 OZS% means you gotta go uphill, while higher than 50% means you gotta go downhill which is much easier. The Jets highest F + D were Wellwood(60.5) and Byfuglien(53.4), the Jets lowest were Slater(28.5) and Hainsey (46.9). The leagus highest are the Sedins(79.6 and 78.6). Noel pushed the top 2 lines and the top pairing to more offensive situations with increasing their OZS, and he pushed the 3rd line (GST) and second pairing D to more defensive situations with decreasing their OZS.
RelQoC: As I explained it shows the toughness of your opponents you face, where higher is tougher. Highest Jets were Slater(0.900) and Byfuglien(0.674), lowest were Jones and Stapleton (-0.913 and-0.549). Second highest in the league was Jokinen (2.056), Bisonatte was 8th lowest (-1.837). Noel gave tough QoC to Little and Slater's lines so that Kane's lines would predominately face weak competition so Kane would score more.
The problem happens with evaluating the strenght of these effects. IMHO, it's affects each player different, since players have different skillsets. That makes it hard to ask what is tougher lots of DZS with easy competition or lots of OZS with tough competition.

Performance stats.
RelCorsi: the way I think of RelCorsi is are they beating their competition, and if so by how much... given a long enough period of time almost anyone who has a positive Corsi will outscore their competition. We also use it as a way to approximate puck possesion. If you have more time with the puck, you'll get more shots on net. Jets highest were Ladd and Enstrom(17.1 and 14.5) while lowest Slater and Flood (-27.9 and -9.2). D.Sedin has the leagues highest with 22.5. Obviously Slater's would be higher than 2nd worse in the NHL if he wasn't in the DZ so much and faced weaker competition, and obviously Sedin's would be lower if he wasn't starting in the OZ so much... this is why the usage stats are important.
g,a1,p/60: this is their scoring rate, so I think it's pretty self explanatory why this shows a players performance. Kane was 14th in the league for g/60 and Wheeler was 26th in the league for a1/60. For D Buff had teams best g/60 and Enstrom had the best A1/60.

For you or anyone who want's to check out the stats yourself:

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