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11-21-2012, 06:23 AM
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Originally Posted by MS View Post
That steroids-and-baseball page is one of the most biased, agenda-oriented pieces of tripe I've ever seen and would get laughed out of a first-year statistics class.

The jumps of logic, omissions and outright statistical manipulation to generate the results he wants are just embarassing.
yes sir, sirdy sir sir. next time i'll use something else. thanks for the counter argument.

Originally Posted by newfy View Post
How bad would those bad players be if they hadn't taken the steroids? Yeah steroids don't automaticaly make you a great ball player but you dont think the increased endurance, muscle mass and increased healing toward force generating capabilities?
how bad are those bad players when they take "performance enhancing drugs" and don't see an enhancing in their performance?

I have a very hard time believing these guys making millions of dollars and risking potential large suspensions dont get a little more informed on the subject.
again, players cork their bats and slide headfirst into first base. they're not bright.

I'm sure there is a bit of a placebo effect but if you dont think increased muscle, endurance and reducing the general wear and tear of a long season dont impact the stats of players then I think youre reaching big time.
there are plenty of drugs that are legal to take that have these effects. and it goes back to the fact that steroids and amphetamines have been a part of the game for the last 50 years. which players are on them but haven't been caught? which drugs give the effects of steroids without showing up on drug tests? there's a lot out there that we don't know about, let alone that we still don't know the full effects that steroids have on performance.

His power wasnt increased but his average climbed. Yeah he has to be a good hitter to hit well, but he also saw a huge increase. I'm sure it had nothing to do with that bat feeling much lighter and being able to get that thing swung around a lot quicker to battle the pitchers. In general, a player can use a bigger bat without feeling the impacts while on steroids.
his babip was a career high (and likely unsustainable) .379. when he falls back to earth in toronto and everyone is saying that it's because steroids, look at his babip. he was hitting more line drives and more were falling into place. it happens. laying that squarely at the feet of steroids is a dangerous way to discredit anyone who has a flukey year. flukey years happen. it's not a wonder drug behind them all the time.

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