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11-21-2012, 06:27 AM
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Originally Posted by ZenMaster View Post
That makes sense in terms of an actual fight but from a marketing perspective, it won't happen yet. Jones' fame is not in the same capacity as GSP nor could he sell out a a dallas cowboy stadium. GSP has successfully defended his title 7 times, while Anderson Silva has defended his title 10 times. It is no dispute that the top two p4p fighters recognized by the public is Silva and GSP. This fight will be marketed as the one that will take UFC to another level.
A Jon Jones superfight will sell out Cowboys Stadium.

I think people are selling Jon Jones short ... his reach is SO huge and he is SO quick and he is SUCH a good grappler. Jones isn't as high on the P4P ranking as GSP, but Jones is a much more difficult opponent ... Jones would crush GSP, just like Thiago Alves would crush Jose Aldo or Ben Henderson would crush Dominick Cruz.

I would rather see Anderson Silva fight a top-flight LHW like Jones, Rashad Evans or Glover Teixeira than fight a smaller man like GSP. Any of those three fights could sell 70,000+ at Cowboys Stadium, and none of those the results are sure things for Anderson the way GSP would be.

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