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11-21-2012, 06:56 AM
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Very happy to pull off a 2-1 win in game 1. My OTS is at 93. Which is pretty bad considering that Corona and Obryantj were above that most of last season. But I am running a camp and one of the 3 dmen starters I was hoping to carry me early in the seasons hurt. Hopefully my OTS gets above 110 when the four starters come back. The Coronas are at 128, Boilermakers are at 123, Headerz are 118(?) and Betamax are 113. Or something like that. I need to be in that ballpark.

And I've decided to run both camps back to back. If I do this, then I won't need Player Training SDs until the end of next season.

I'm going for a win in hockey. Up against a team with 74 OTS vs my 51 OTS. This is my best chance to beat a team other than the dead one. I don't expect it to happen

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I'd have to wait until he's been with my team for 50 days before selling him. He's still on the NT, but we'll see if he stays after the new manager takes over. (Note: Make sure to vote)

If he stays on the NT (and gets called up for the training bonus consistently), then he's worth close to 60M in my eyes. If not, then he's worth a few million less. Not dropping to 5/6 definitely helped his value.
I still can't believe that, of all the recent pulls I've had, Matt Hernandez is the one called up. I thought of him as above average from the beginning. The only thing he's got is the massive OR. Obviously I value plays differently. Ad I'm pissed he was added to the NT now He was going to be a god backup for me if he remained on a good career path.

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