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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
1) "I didn't imply he would buy it the next day. That is your own implication. However if you want me to clarify it some, he has the right to enter into a purchase agreement for the arena at any time once the AMF is signed."
2) "That is all set out in the AMF which anyone can now read and decide for themselves."
3) "Parking rights have been part of the original lease and remain so."
4) "$11 million is for the initial year of the agreement. The new total $308 million is still less than the $320 million outlined in the original agreement approved in June."

I just answered. If I could answer them, they were softballs......
You didn't hear my follow-ups yet....

1) "You didn't answer my question. If Jamison has any strong inclination to purchase the arena, why didn't the COG try to negotiate to sell him the arena now? If you did try to negotiate an arena sale, what was Jamison's response?"

2) "I am asking for your analysis of the agreement, and for you to tell our citizens who have not had a chance to read the agreement in plain language how much of the AMF is for running the arena and how much is to support the Coyotes hockey team."

3) "So do you accept that the parking revenue rights are worth $100 million, and if so, doesn't that have to be factored into the level of subsidy provided to Jamison?"

4) "Thanks for the clarification. The Coyotes have not played in the arena this year. Does the COG still have to pay the $11 million if there is no NHL season? What are the total AMF payments in the first five years?"

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