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Originally Posted by XX View Post
I have a dreadful feeling that someone who previously was a yes vote will suddenly have an inner moral conflict and vote no, due to the circumstances of the vote. "The new council should decide this. It's important!"

And lo, every criticism leveled at Glendale became true
Sorry to intrude, but I happen to think that the city council will approve this on November 27.

However, I do get the sense that "inner moral conflict" seems to be emerging as city administrators and council members are seeing the reality of substantial staffing cuts. Skeete (interim city manager) is now advising against the deal (which he negotiated), which is very odd. It is probably largely because he is concerned about his job security (the new mayor and council majority appear to oppose the deal), but it might also be difficult for him to stomach the immediate staff cuts that he will have to impose to afford the Jamison AMF payments.

I'm not sure what will happen after city council approves the lease, but with Skeete losing his nerve and the new council coming in soon, the Coyotes' sale and lease signing will have to be done expeditiously.

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