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11-21-2012, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
Do you dislike the players' offers and if so, why?
No I actually like the players offer...if it was made back in October and would have saved the season. I don't like it now and here's why:

The NHLPA has yet to make a complete proposal, but I am told one is coming around 11 am this morning. The NHL has made three. And by complete, I mean complete so each side knows what they are giving up from top to bottom on every issue not just a few - which is what the NHLPA proposals deal with - a few items at a time. To complicated to get into here but as an example: We'll agree to 50/50 split but here's what we want on pension, health care and so on. You can't determine a total cost on the NHLPA offers because they don't tell what they are asking on other items. The NHL offers do that.

The players offer on which they propose a 1,75 % increase that will eventually lead to a 48% share for players was a perfect offer, back in October. here's the problem I have with it:

The NHLPA's question is who pays for the lockout. They aren't asking who's paying the people let out of work in arena's restaurants, bars, cab drivers, officials, scorekeepers, etc. They are asking "who pays the players?" Their increase is based on what the players would have earned in full had there been no lockout. IN FULL. No matter what the revenue is this year.

And for each and every subsequent year up until year 5 they are adding 1.75% to what they would have recieved this year regardless of what the revenue is. So what if revenue drops? How many people here have said they'll never return, never watch another game, never buy another jersey?

It's now based on a hypothetical because we don't know how revenues are going to go but yet they want not only a guarantee of what they would have earned, but an increase to it.

It was the perfect offer, if it came before October 1. And honestly, I believe one the owners would have accepted.

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