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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Yep, I'm watching the video right now. The "with team" scenario contemplates making immediate large scale cuts. The GF impact of those reductions is compounded annually to the point where at the 15-20 year mark, the fund balance is higher with the team... even though the GF balance is negative and the city has been in austerity for two decades.

It is a truly amazing display of governance failure. And when the projections don't materialize again, there literally will be nothing left to cut. Might want to start studying Chapter 9
This is a significant point. All of Glendale's credit cards are maxed out, and they are slashing their budget to the bare bones to afford the Jamison lease. I guess it's no surprise that Skeete has finally turned against the lease, and Knaack and Martinez are seeming a bit nervous. Skeete will have to face a city work force that is losing many jobs, and then a new mayor and council that oppose the deal. Knaack and Martinez will have to answer for the financial mess, reduced services and city job losses while Jamison gets millions. These folks are paying a very high price to keep the Coyotes in Glendale.

It will be fascinating to see if Skeete maintains his opposition to the deal, and then have council members vote in favor. Essentially, that would mean that two outgoing council members push through a deal that their (interim) city manager thinks is not advisable. Even if the lease is approved on November 27, it seems so unlikely to survive the aftermath.

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