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Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
Look at those proposals again.

The players' share goes DOWN every season. The numbers you're quoting are based on the assumption that revenues will increase from season-to-season... Which is a fair assumption, no? Even the league's proposal isn't a request for a standard dollar amount to the players. It's a share as well, that would increase with league revenues JUST like the PA proposal.

If it's not aggressive enough for you (which may be fair), then why? What about the numbers don't work?
Not sure about that, their share in real dollars goes up every year, but their share goes down percentage wise based on projected numbers.

While it might look good on paper, the fact is, you can't count on revenues to increase in the first couple years considering they stand to lose close to half this one. So in year 2 of the deal the players percentage of revenues will be quite a bit higher than the previous 57%.

I'd like to see them just freeze the cap at 69-70M until that number represents a 50-50 split.

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