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11-21-2012, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by BMC View Post
My .02 on the "make whole" nonsense- nothing. Not a penny. Why? Because IMO the NHLPA is as just as responsible for this lockout as the owners are due to their refusal to negotiate a new CBA before the old one expired.

1. Why negotiate the next deal when you love the current one?
2. The 'make whole' regards paying for contracts agreed upon during the last CBA, and specifically, making whole for the dollars agreed upon when the HRR %'s shift in the next CBA. It's not specifically about how to handle the lost games of this season. So I'm not sure why you're conflating the two?
3. If having a deal is a priority, then the owners are just as at fault for not agreeing to play under the old CBA, as proposed by the Union, as the Union is for not negotiating during the old one. I think most agree that either side would have been dumb to take either action.

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