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11-21-2012, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by rojac View Post
It's amazing how even after this is pointed out, people still jump all over these columns.
And why shouldn't they?
Just because you add such a comment doesn't mean no one might have an opinion on the matter.

To use hyperbole: If someone says "I have a rather radical idea to reach a solution for the mess in the middle east" and then continues to propose simply killing everyone in the area so they can't kill each other anymore, people damn well have the right to say how ridiculous the idea is.

You can't just hide all the bs you can come up with behind such a claim. It's like saying something insulting in public, getting called out on it and then bringing up the excuse that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. With that kind of excuse you never know what is supposed to be the actual thought and what is just a weird idea.

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