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11-21-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post

1. Why negotiate the next deal when you love the current one?
2. The 'make whole' regards paying for contracts agreed upon during the last CBA, and specifically, making whole for the dollars agreed upon when the HRR %'s shift in the next CBA. It's not specifically about how to handle the lost games of this season. So I'm not sure why you're conflating the two?
3. If having a deal is a priority, then the owners are just as at fault for not agreeing to play under the old CBA, as proposed by the Union, as the Union is for not negotiating during the old one. I think most agree that either side would have been dumb to take either action.
I don't fully understand the make whole piece and haven't formed my opinion on it, but I do have an opinion on your first and last bullets.

You negotiate the next deal when you love the current one because you know the current one is ending. It's guaranteed, and you're going to have to negotiate it at some point. Why not start early, to try and avoid the cluster**** we're in now?

Why should the owners agree to extend the old deal? All that does is push out the deadline, and most likely interrupt the season when it's already in progress. Let's say the owners agreed to start the season under the old CBA and set a Thanksgiving deadline for a new one. The players already said the didn't want to negotiate while the season was happening (which is complete ********), so why would that stance have changed? We would have had 2 months of a season, and then be dealing with this lockout -- which would have been completely infuriating.

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