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11-21-2012, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Bossyfan71 View Post
I'm wondering if to get out of the lease early, Wang agrees to play pre season games at the new arena and use it as their practice facility.

The arena could be home to Hofstra baseketball games as well.

I really can't see the Iles leaving NVMC without playing one more year to celebrate the years they spent there, cumlating with a final game at the old barn.

I can see how it'll play out now.

Hofstra will foot half the bill for the new arena.
There will be a vote for a bond (or whatever) for the other half of the bill and this time it'll pass because (the uninformed populous) will think they are replacing the arena the Isles owned with a new one for the county as opposed to replacing the county owned arena.

Hofstra could use it for basketball, graduation, and other indoor events.
The SoundTigers could move...
And a 10,000 seat arena will still be viable for Disney on Ice and other events (I think)

To get some ideas of what a smaller arena looks like: Here are few photos of a 10,000 seat arena.

Here's a 7,000 seat arena and a 7,000 seat proposal:

And then other the bio-tech and whatever facilities will be there, or not, or another stupid strip mall.

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