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11-21-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by MarcWagz View Post
... you think toronto is that much bigger than montreal and BC in terms of sports?
BC had the lions, canucks and the grizzlies.
The grizzlies failed.

Montreal had the als, canadians and the expos.
the expos failed.

silimarities between both of the failures?
neither were the CFL.

And as for tv ratings in southern ontario, argos are far above the raptors and tfc and in canada are above every sport aside from the leafs.

you cant out grow your national heritage. We can jump into as many american things as we want but they arent guarenteed to survive
CFL is gate driven. TV ratings are nice, but they aren't even that much of revenues. People need to go to games. Plus Toronto has 6.5 million to Montreals 4 and Vancouvers 2.5 million. That's huge. everyone likes different things.

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