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11-21-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
Bettman is using his typical lockout strategy, and the owners know they can get a better deal with it. You do know that Bettman is an owner too, right?

Fehr is using his typical straregy, which seemed to work very well for the MLBPA who hasn't been locked out since the last one. ?17years?
Except why would the owners and Bettman want a lockout? Are the owners making money right now? NO. So they want this to end ASAP! However they want it to end in a fair deal. Players getting a guaranteed sum of money with a guaranteed increase no matter HRR isn't fair.

For Fehr, does he want the lockout over? No, he would be out of the media and his job would be back more to figure head then actual leader. His clients are getting paid. Do to the hockey escrow payments NHL players are making more money this year to not work then 92% of the people who live in this country. Seriously wrap your head around that. They are making 6 figures to not work and many of them are in Europe making millions more. So why are they in a rush to end this? They're on a paid vacation and are making more and Fehr is loving all this attention so why end it. Not until they aren't getting paid or the league completely collapses but till then, party down with $ your getting paid to do nothing.

Bettman is such a horrible commissioner that over his tenure in the NHL their league revenue has risen a higher % then any other sport in the same time which in turn has risen player salaries to the highest they have ever been. But he is an idiot and cancer? Has he done a perfect job? No he hasn't and he has made some bad moves. Is he the worst thing to happen the NHL? Quite the opposite, if people actually looked at the NHL today they would realize Bettman has actually done far more good for hockey then bad.

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