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11-21-2012, 10:23 AM
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Anyone that thinks we cant make the playoffs probably thought the Caps would not make the playoffs when Bruce took over during thanksgiving.

I bet those same Skins fans thought we would not make the playoffs the year Taylor got killed, and especially after the double timeout Buffalo disaster.

It's all about getting hot late in the year. Look at the Giants last year.

While I think our team sorely lacks a backup running back, Kyle showed signs of not overworking Morris last game. He stayed in the game, and our play action was unstoppable. If we have a threat to run, we can pass. If we can pass, we can outscore opponents. It's that simple. It how Mike rolls.

Where the team gets killed on, is in short yardage. Our lightweight OL cannot bulldoze on 3rd and 1 out of a run heavy formation. So Kyle runs wide out of it.

We need to go play action from run heavy, or, line up 4 wide, and then run up the gut.

Kyle must also try and pass in goal to go. Running wide is ugly especially when he doesnt even give III a pass option.

Haslet needs to keep heat off his secondary and on QB's if our offense stumbles.

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