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11-21-2012, 10:29 AM
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I can't shoot a ball worth a crap but any kind of snap or slap shot seems to work better than any kind of wrist shot.

With pucks that wrist roll action gets it flying like a frisbee which adds spin and makes it fly flatter, therefore faster and more accurate (cuts through the air). If you just whack at it, it will wobble and be a slow crappy shot.

But with a ball, there's no direction that is more aerodynamic than any other, so if you just whack at it, the spin might change it's direction SLIGHTLY, but not anywhere near as much as the puck. I would guess with the short distances in hockey that spin is not important but initial velocity is.

This is probably why a lot of ball hockey guys might not even tape the stick, because there's no friction on the ball so why bother with the blade. Might change the feel is about it. Try shooting a hockey ball vs a tennis ball, it's a big difference. Meanwhile the puck has little bumps on the side for friction and it's weight is higher which also helps with sticking it to the blade for wrist shots.

Just an educated guess from me, but in ball hockey I would be all about snap and slap shots, never wrist shots.

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