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11-21-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
bucktown: I can not say I was perfectly clear in what I was trying to say but I thought it simple and straightforward enough. Replacement understood where I was comming from and thankfuly posted as much.

It is very strange that such a relatively insignificant player is so talked about. The backlash I got for my post, which has negatives and positives in it, only proves how strange the circumstances are with this player on these boards.
I think there's a bit of insinuation in statements like these and from other posters, Replacement included, that Omark shouldn't be talked about or should be talked about less. Certainly it has been acknowledged by most that Omark has only but the remotest of chances to play for the Oilers and the best thing for the team to do is to get something of value for him from another team.

I think what most posters in this thread who are excited that Omark is putting up numbers and thus hopefully upping his trade stock are upset about is other posters trying to tell them what they should and should not post about or get excited about. I'm not sure where it comes from with the posters who are seemingly anti-Omark, possibly from a legitimate dislike for Omark himself, or maybe they want to see Omark disappear for nothing so they can add that to the pile of things that the current management team has bumbled. This is merely conjecture. Whatever the reason I know for myself that it is frustrating to have another poster be dismissive of something seemingly for the reason of just being negative or again trying to tell me I shouldn't get excited about something.

I'm not suggesting that you are being specifically negative, as you said yourself you had positives and negatives in your post. I'm just trying to explain where some of the frustration comes from in the "pro-Omark" or maybe "pro-Oilers" segment of posters in this thread. Adding to the conversation is great but there are definitely some negative comments in this thread where you wonder why people would even bother posting.

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