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11-21-2012, 10:53 AM
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I am not a fan of amending the instigator rule.

I think the rule is important. Though I respect the history of the game and how it was played, I much rather prefer the modern game and the limited amounts of fighting.

I watched some old games... I hated seeing a fight or a brawl break out every 3 minutes. 8/10 the brawl or fight started off something stupid.

If you want to fight, have two gentleman let out their anger and pump the team up in a battle of gentlemen fisticuffs lol. And when it really gets heated, a team brawl can occur. But keep the players on the bench, and penalize players who look to fight every shift there out there.

Maybe portions of the rule can change but I much rather watch the game today. A lot more scoring chances without the lack of passion.

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