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Originally Posted by jughead42 View Post
I just figured it was shtick because it was the only way I could justify in my mind that an otherwise intelligent hockey guy could come up with bon mots like Rychel being only a "3rd line grinder". Yes, I dragged that up again. It's not really fair when a critic can only remember the mistakes, is it? Anyhow, I'll agree that Branch having a grudge against Windsor is a bit tinfoil hat conspiracy. I think the more accurate view of the situation is that when Branch is handing out discipline for legitimate infractions, he finds it easier to be harsh with Windsor than he would find it if someone else like Kitchener for example, ever actually did anything less than angelic. I think that's fair to say, but that's another topic altogether.

Every team has guys who they draft that don't work out as anticipated. That's what happens when you're betting on the future of how children will develop. I don't think the drafting lately has lagged, so much as it hasn't stayed at the impossible level it was at for a stretch. You aren't going to get multiple superstars every draft, no matter who you are. We were spoiled. You like to tout London as the benchmark, but look at some of their drafts in the past. Was Zador a great pick? How was that one for asset management? That bad 1st round pick surely crippled London didn't it? They also once spent a 3rd round pick on Tucker Hunter. How's that for asset management brilliance? Every team has bum picks, but at the end of the day Windsor is still consistently putting an impressive number of able OHL players into the league with their picks. There isn't an issue with our drafting, there's an issue with your expectations of our drafting because of a once in a lifetime perfect storm of awesome that gave us two cups.
Yes teams screw up of course London was able to ship that horrible pick of Zador to Oshawa along with Thomas and Valentine and a whack of picks for Tavares and Del Zotto. I would love if Windsor could ship Maletta, Ebert, DeKort and a whack of picks for the equivalent of that. I do like DeKort but this was only an example because I think the shine has worn off so much from Maletta you would be lucky to get a couple 3rds.

In regards to saying we were spoiled I would say that but the sanctions, 8th seed last year and this year possibly being another 8th seed I think we have really paid for that past success. It really shouldn't go that way. When London was successful they continued to be successful and bring in a lot of studs either through drafting, free agent signings or trade (Kane, Gagner, Meckler, Tavares, Del Zotto, Kadri etc..) this was all after their Memorial Cup win. Since the last Windsor cup win the same studs really haven't been there. Even over the past 2 years judging by NHL Central Scouting list the Knights will have had 12 players drafted and Windsor 6. That isn't bad but not where Windsor needs to be considering Owen Sound, Kitchener and Plymouth continue to draft and develop quite well.

Over the past 2 years it just seems Windsor hasn't been relevant when you talk about the best teams in the CHL. Mind you this isn't the same as irrelevant because that's reserved for franchises like Peterborough and Erie etc.. I would prefer if Windsor was relevant and back in the talk as a top franchise in the OHL and CHL. Being an 8th seed a couple straight years doesn't help that.

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