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11-21-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
You have that right. But personally I believe the team will have no problems, it was a different world in 96 when pro teams were leaving Canada in droves and the Ottawa Rough Riders had been badly mismanaged for years, and the Renegades were completely mishandled in a POS stadium, IMO.

I have been to Halifax. If there was all this support, why are they not building a stadium? The largest stadium is 4K. Smaller than the University Stadium we currently have. If there is so much support why are they not planning for the stadium, attracting an owner, talking to the CFL, trying to get a TD Atlantic, etc...

My one impression is's small. At best the area is 400K, although that's a fairly large area, but doable. I suppose. It would take tremendous support from the community, remember this is a base without the amount of coporate support of an ANY other team in the league, Halifax does not have the corporations other major cities have. That being said CFL is not as corporation driven as the other leagues.

Could it work in Halifax? Perhaps. Right now I'd put them as 4th on the list of places I think the CFL should go. Ottawa first, due to willing ownership, a stadium being renovated and a built in starting fanbase. Quebec needs to get off their ass and build a stadium for a CFL team, football is bigger in Quebec right now than anywhere else in Canada, why in the hell Quebec City does not have a team I have no idea, again a stadium problem. 3rd I would put Moncton. They have the stadium (little on the small side), building the fanbase with TD Atlantic, and if they market it as a "Maritime team" they should be able to draw from Halifax (400K <3 hours), Fredricton (100K <2hours), Saint John (130K <2hours), Charlottetown (70K 2hours) on top of 140K from itself. With a league like the CFL it is possible to draw from that far away. The central location and stadium are really what puts it far ahead of Halifax for me right now.
We have no idea whether or not that they've done those things or not. Quebec City should have a team, I agree. They may not have been on top of getting that stuff(QC an Halifax both) because in no altogether certain how aggressive the cfl is about expanding. This country could support 12 teams for sure, but it's on the CFL to actually see that it happens.

Halifax is almost as central as Moncton. The only downside is the lack of stadium, and that could be fixed.

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