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90s defensive dmen

Criteria for 90s defensive dmen: played at least 5 seasons (with let's say 60+ games in each) in the 90s and were LOW SCORING dmen. This means no Lidstrom or Bourque or MacInnis or Pronger or whichever other elite dman people like to name. Of course some defensive dmen are good at moving the puck up even if they don't put up pts which is fine. Here's an aggregate list of a tonne of them. Obviously not all these guys are great but how would you rank a few of 10 or 13 maybe? There's the big three, Stevens/Foote/Hatcher (I'll exclude a few of the big 80s ones like Langway/Lowe/MacCrimmon). Now obviously some of these guys are not defensive dmen, they were just dmen who were lower scoring and I realize a few like Brisebois are borderline and I'll remove them if someone insists but I just wanted to make a big list to help jog memory.

Ken Daneyko
Dmitri Yushkevich
Eric Weinrich
Fredrik Olausson
Craig Ludwig
Ulf Samuelsson
Boris Mironov
Dave Ellett
Kjell Samuelsson
Jeff Beukeboom
Mike Ramsey
Kenny Jonsson
Dave Babych
Craig Muni
Sylvain Lefebvre
Mattias Norstrom
Fran Musil
Mark Tinordi
Darius Kasparaitis
Marcus Ragnarsson
Rich Matvichuk
Luke Richardson
Marty McSorley
Lyle Odelein
Jyrki Lumme (borderline defensive dman)
Todd Gill
Gerald Diduck
Jamie Macoun
Stephane Quintal
Patrice Brisebois
Gord Murphy
Jom Klemm
Petr Svoboda
Marc Bergevin
Vladimir Konstantinov
Joe Reekie
Don Sweeney
Tommy Albelin
Uwe Krupp
Keith Carney
Richard Smehlik
Alex Karpovtsev
Doug Houda
Curtis Leschyshyn
Alexei Gusarov
Brett Hedican
Murray Baron
Jason Smith
Peter Popovic
Steven Finn
Bob Rouse
Scott Lachance
Karl Dykhuis
Chris Therien
Shawn Chambers
Rob Zettler
Sylvain Cote

This thread already exists for the 80s: here

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