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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
I don't like this team much either. I didn't think the Nash-Crosby combo meshed in 2010 and I doubt there will be in 2014. JT I prefer to keep at center and not move to the wing...whereas Stammer I can see playing the wing more effectively.

Perry I'm not sold on him being included at all...and of course I already have my doubts about the the two Staals and Skinner....Eric is the only one I give a shot at returning, but not a given.

Will be interesting.
Well, in all fairness Crosby didn't mesh all that well with Staal and Iginla either in 2010 but the other lines worked so well together in the medal round that Sid ended up with Staal and Iggy almost as a default. In any event the international ice surface plays to both Crosby's and Nash's advantages, so they may get another look together. Who knows. This exercise just shows the disruption in the lineup that can be caused by taking players like Jordan Staal who aren't versatile enough to be moved up and down the lines.

I'm not sold on Perry either; I'm still 50-50 on him, probably like you. If he's on his game a Toews-Perry-Richards line could be a fairly tough line to play against. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for this exercise, but really haven't considered him a lock in my lineup.

Stamkos, to my knowledge, doesn't have all that much experience on the wing, at least at ES. Since we'll be relying on him and his line quite heavily as our #2 scoring threat, I'd prefer to play him in his comfort zone - at the center position - which in my view would give him the best chance to succeed. Tavares would work too, but he doesn't add anything to the center position from a defensive perspective and I've seen him play LW internationally before, very successfully.

All in all, there are still a few positions open at forward IMO. We'll learn more this summer in terms of what Yzerman is thinking of for line combo's, etc.

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