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Originally Posted by suprvilce View Post
I have a question about how OTS works. In my league there is a team with low OTS, and goalie strength is 52, but he easily has one of the best goalies in the entire league, even when still injured he keeps stealing games even if his entire team is crap. My goalie strength is at around 95, yet my goaltending isn't nearly as good as his, in fact this month has been horrible goaltending wise. So my question is how come a team with 52 goaltending strength has (much) better goaltending than my team that has goalie strength 95. The difference between the two goalies is only 63 OR for his goalie (just added him to queue to scout to se his attributes, will take few days), yet it doesn't show in strength.

edit: also shoud mention he rolls all 3 lines always and plays on highest intensity all games. His players are probably at around 40 energy, yet he is still dominating goaltending wise, doesn't seem to be affected by fatigue at all.
Goalie OTS depends on backup, I think it is 60-40. If he has a very bad backup the goalie OTS will look really bad but the goalie who is actually playing is much stronger than what the OTS shows.

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