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11-21-2012, 12:49 PM
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Revenue Sharing: Pool of $200 Million at $3.303 B of HRR. Varies year to year with HRR...Contributions to be raised per NHL formula. No discretion to increase individual team contributions beyond what formula provides
Where did the NHL have their's at, not far from $200M right?

For on-ice discipline, there will be an appeal to a neutral arbitrator or to a panel of three arbitrators (one appointed by each side and one neutral).

NHLPA liability for escrow is eliminated from the side letter.
No idea what this means. Squidz?

NHLPA proposal on no trade / no move clauses
Also not sure what this is.

Re-entry waivers are eliminated
Same as NHL, right?

Players and cash/cap trading. A team may have an unlimited number of Retained Salary Transactions up to 15% of the Upper Limit in any League year
Was this in the NHL proposal?

The amount in excess of $1M paid to a player while in the minor leagues or in Europe on an NHL contract counts against the cap (none counts against the share). This applies only to new contracts, i.e., contracts entered into after a new CBA is in effect.
Wade Redden rule.

Salary Arbitration
o Walk away eliminated
Chris Campoli rule

I guess if the player can't walk, the team can't walk?

NHLPA cap benefit recapture proposal.
o Applies only to new contracts, i.e., contracts entered into after a new CBA is in effect.
o Applies to contracts of 9 years or longer
o 35 year old rule changed to provide that the cap charge taken will be as per cap benefit recapture
Have to imagine the NHL will go after this one.

Growth Factor, Performance Bonus Cushion, Long-Term, injury continue except for any changes already agreed to or contained in this proposal
o +8M/-8M payroll range becomes +/- 20% of midpoint beginning in 2013/14
I take it this changes +/- $8M to +/- 20%? Was this in the NHL side?

For $3.3B revenue, this would mean $44M-$66M instead of $47M-$63M. Interesting.

The Upper Limit may not fall below 67.25 M in any year of the agreement. This is half way between the 11/12 Upper Limit (64.3 M) and the 12/13 UL (70.2 M).
Not sure the NHL will like that.

Player share will equal 50% of HRR, plus these fixed dollar payments attributable to the first four years of the agreement:
• 2012/13 $ 182 M
• 2013/14 $ 128 M
• 2014/15 $ 72 M
• 2015/16 $ 11 M
As already said.

In years two through five of this Agreement, the players' share in dollars may not be less than it was in the previous year.
That will likely be a sticking point as well.

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