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11-21-2012, 12:54 PM
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Everyone is so excited about this NHLPA proposal and I can't quite get so over the moon about it, myself. It APPEARS that the NHLPA is now at least structuring their proposals (this is really their first proposal) in a similar way to the NHL.

HOWEVER, all I am seeing in this NHLPA proposal is that they want every single dollar paid on any existing contracts previous to the last CBA expiring, but that they are willing to go "50/50" otherwise. Whelp, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get there, because the NHLPA is only proposing a five year CBA. They want all other contracting issues to remain essentially unchanged. So basically, NEW contracts will go into this "50/50" (a term that is now utterly meaningless for the rest of eternity).

Is this not almost exactly the same as the players offering to simply renew the last CBA? We won't be anywhere near approaching 50/50 until maybe year three or four, right? It's a five year proposal. Essentially the players are saying, "Yeah sure, we'll definitely go to 50/ the NEXT CBA".

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